Rules of University Club Inc.




1. The name of the Club shall be "University Club Incorporated”.



2. The objects of the Club are to foster and promote good relations between the University of Otago and the citizens of Otago by holding regular meetings of Club members.



3. Membership is open to those who support the objects of the Club.


4. The members of the Club shall be:

a) Those persons who were members at the date of adoption of these rules and

b) Those persons who are subsequently admitted as members in accordance with these Rules.


5. The Committee of the Club may from time to time determine such categories of membership as it thinks fit, and may bestow life membership on any member thought worthy of such honour.  Life Members shall enjoy all the benefits of Club membership without paying any annual membership subscriptions.



6. An applicant for admission shall be proposed by two members.


7. Application shall be on a standard form approved by the Committee. This will contain an undertaking that the applicant will abide by the rules of the Club.  The completed nomination form shall contain the nominee’s name, signature, address, occupation, telephone number and the names and signatures of the proposer and seconder.


8. On receipt of the application the Secretary will notify members of the Committee. If no objection is received within 7 days, the President will confer membership of the Club on the applicant.



9. Any person shall cease to be a member:

a) Who sends a letter of resignation to the Secretary. Such resignation shall take effect from the date of posting of the letter.

b) Who fails to pay the membership subscription by the 1st of August of the current year.

c) Who, in the opinion of at least two-thirds of the Committee, damages the reputation of the Club. The Committee shall determine when such membership terminates.



10. Those who cease to be members under rule 9b may, at the discretion of the Committee, be re-admitted on repayment of outstanding subscriptions or on such other terms as decided by the Committee.




11. Members who are unable to attend the Club for a period of not less than one year, may apply to the Committee for leave of absence.  Such members may have their names retained on the register but their subscriptions may be waived in whole or in part until they are able to attend regularly.



12. Unless otherwise determined the Club’s financial year shall commence on the 1st day of February in each year, and annual subscriptions shall become due from that date.


13. The annual subscription will be determined by the Committee from time to time.  The Committee shall have the power to reduce or waive the subscription for the current financial year to any new member admitted after the 1st August, or for any other reasonable cause.


14. The Committee shall have the discretion to determine subscription rates.


15. Charges for meals, refreshments and the like, and the manner of payment, shall be agreed by the Committee.  Members shall pay all charges promptly.



16. Members may bring guests to Club meetings subject to such regulations as shall be made by the Committee. Guests will be responsible for their own expenses while at the Club unless other arrangements have been made with their host.




a) These rules may be added to, repealed, or amended by resolution at any Annual or Special General Meeting provided that 14 days’ notice of the intention to propose such resolutions has been given to members.  Any such resolution concerning the rules can only be adopted if approved by at least two-thirds of the members voting on such resolutions.

b) No alteration of these rules shall be approved if it affects the “No private Pecuniary Gain” Rule (number 31) or the “Winding Up” rule (number 37).



18. The annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in March, or as near as possible thereto, at a date and time determined by the Committee, in order to:

a) Consider from the Committee a Report, Balance Sheet and Statement of Income and Expenditure for the preceding financial year.

b) Receive a list of nominations for Committee and to elect a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and to fill any other vacancies on the Committee.

c) Vote on any resolution which has been notified to members 14 days before the date of the meeting.  Motions from the floor may only be accepted at the discretion of the Chairperson.



a) The Committee may at any time and for any purpose call a Special General Meeting

b) A Special General Meeting can also be requested by 10% of members.  The request must be in writing and state the purpose for which the meeting is requested.


20. Any member who intends to move a resolution at the AGM or Special General Meeting, or forward nominations for the Committee, should give notice in writing to the Secretary not less than 21 days before the date of such a Meeting.


21. Fourteen days’ notice shall be given to members of the time, place and business of each AGM or Special General Meeting.  In the case of the AGM, the notice shall be accompanied by a copy of the Annual Report, Balance Sheet and a list of nominees received for the Committee.



a) At all General Meetings the President, or in the President’s absence, the Vice- President, or in the Vice-President’s absence, a member selected by the Committee, shall take the Chair.  Every member present is entitled to one vote on every motion, and motions shall be passed by a simple majority excepting Rule 19 17.  In the case of an equality of votes, the Chairperson has a second or casting vote.  The methods of voting at General Meetings shall be determined by the Chairperson.

b) For matters which the Committee may deem to be of great importance, the Committee may arrange for all members to vote by proxy or by mail.



23. At General Meetings the presence of 10% of members constitute a quorum.



24. The Club shall be managed by a Committee consisting of the President, Immediate Past President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and not less than four, and not more than nine other Committee members.



a) Nominations for all positions on the Committee shall be in writing, signed by the nominee and two proposers, and delivered to the Secretary 21 days before the date of the AGM.

b) Committee members shall be elected at the AGM for a period of three years and be eligible for re-election.

c) The President and Vice-President shall be elected for one year only and will not normally be eligible for re-election to these positions.

d) The Treasurer shall be elected for one year and be eligible for re-election.

e) The Committee and Club will endeavour to maintain a balance between men and women presidents, and those with town and gown affiliations.


26. The Committee shall have the power to appoint, pay or dismiss:

a) A Secretary who shall serve as an officer of the Club

b) Any other officers as may be deemed necessary.


27. A member of the Committee may resign at any time by giving notice in writing to the Secretary.  The Committee shall have the power to appoint a member to fill any vacancy.  Any member so appointed shall retire at the next AGM but can be nominated for office at the AGM.


28. The Committee shall meet at least once every three months to examine the accounts and arrange the affairs of the Club.  A special meeting of the Committee may be summoned by the President, or Vice-President or the Secretary at any time.  Five members of the Committee constitute a quorum.  Minutes shall be taken of all proceedings of the Committee.  At meetings the President, or in the President’s absence, the Vice-president, or in the Vice-President’s absence, a member elected by the Committee, shall take the Chair.  In the case of an equality of votes, the Chairperson has a second or casting vote.


29. The Committee may from time to time appoint from among its members or from other members of the Club, such Sub-Committees as it may deem desirable and depute to them such powers and duties, and for such period of time, as the Committee shall determine.  Such Sub-Committees shall periodically report their proceedings to the Committee, and shall conduct their business in accordance with the direction of the Committee.


30. The Committee shall from time to time change any regulations, not inconsistent with these rules, to facilitate the smooth running of the Club.  All regulations made by the Committee under this rule shall be binding upon members until repealed by the Committee or set aside by a resolution of a General Meeting of the Club.



a) No member of the Club, or any person associated with a Club member, shall be party to any discussions or decisions by the Club regarding the transfer of any material benefit to such person.

b) Where such transfers occur, the transactions shall be open, fair and impartial.


32. The funds of the Club shall be under the control of the Committee which shall expend, invest, or otherwise deal with the funds prudently, in accordance with these Rules, and the objectives of the Club.


33. Banking Accounts shall exist in the name of the Club with such Banks as the Committee shall approve.  Credit facilities and payments shall be signed by any two of the Treasurer, the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary.



34. The list of members, their addresses and other particulars are the exclusive property of the Club.  Members may not use the fact of their membership of the Club for business propaganda of any kind.


35. Members are responsible for informing the Secretary of their current addresses, both residential and e-mail, and telephone numbers.



a) The Committee has sole authority for interpreting these rules and regulations and the decision of the Committee upon any questions of interpretation, or upon any matter affecting the Club (and not provided for by these Rules or regulations) shall be binding on members.

b) If a major dispute arises about the interpretation of these Rules, that dispute shall be resolved (under the Arbitration Act)  before a sole arbitrator agreed by the parties to the dispute, or failing such agreement, before a sole arbitrator appointed by the President of the Arbitrators’ and Mediators’ Institute of New Zealand Inc.


37. On winding up the Club, any net surplus assets should be donated to the University of Otago or such charitable purpose as shall be resolved at the final General Meeting of members of the Club.



38. The Club shall have a Common Seal which shall be kept in the custody of the Secretary.  The seal shall be affixed to documents only at a meeting of the Committee and the affixing thereof shall be attested by any two of the Treasurer, the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary.                                       

Version: 26th March 2021

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